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Carpet Steam Cleaning Raeford NC

Carpet Steam Clean Raeford NC

Once you choose to call us for a steam carpet cleaning Fayetteville NC quote, we’ll work with you to provide an in-home estimate that suites your schedule. You will be provided with a fair written quote and plan of action to clean your carpets. When our steam cleaning technicians arrive at your home to perform the work, they will listen to your concerns and get to work!

Carpet Cleaning Raeford NC

carpet cleaning Raeford NC

We’ll begin by pre-treating and spots or stains. Please let us know if you have pet stain or odor issues that you would like us to address. We’ll also pre-treat high traffic areas as they frequently show wear and tear. Then, we’ll use our powerful steam cleaning equipment to apply cleaning solution and quickly extract the solution and most of the hot water from all of your carpeted surfaces. The end result is clean, fresh-smelling carpets without harsh scents or chemical residue left behind. What’s more, it will be dry and ready to handle foot traffic within a few hours.

Just take a few moments to ponder about all the germs that can be hiding at the base of the fiber of your carpet: viruses, germs, bacteria, dust, dirt, allergens, pet and human hair, grime, and whatever else makes its way via the occupants of your home. So this is why is it important to regularly clean your carpets. Keeping your carpet clean can make a big difference in your health.

You can Save Money by keeping your carpets cleaned

Carpets are so expensive today! Regularly cleaning your carpet helps to remain healthy, protecting the cash you spent this investment. Remember in our area there is a lot of sand, vacuuming along can not get all the sand out. This is where hot water extraction or steam cleaning comes in. It is able to both kill germs, but it is able to pull out those little pieces of sand that cuts the fibers of your rug and make it look weathered from heavy foot traffic. A good carpet cleaning can revitalize these fibers making your carpet look great again.

Improve the Smell of Your Carpet

Another obvious reason to get those carpet cleaned is smells that get locked into your carpets. We have found that this is often true for homes with pets, and kids. Pets tend to soil the carpets from licking, rolling on the carpet, bringing in sand from outside on their paws, sometimes urine or vomit. It takes a good steam cleaning to get that all out. Call us today to schedule your cleaning!