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Looking for Green Carpet Cleaning in Red Springs, NC ? Let our highly skilled Professionals help you get that dirt out.


When it comes time to clean your carpets, there are a number of different methods to choose from and contrary to popular belief, all carpet cleaners are not the same. Unlike organic carpet cleaning treatments, conventional carpet cleaning services use a variety of chemical cleansers that are harmful to our environment and even worse, our well-being.

Since many of these cleaning agents give off harmful emissions which contaminate our air supply, they can also lead to health risks such as respiratory illness, eye, nose and throat complications, sinus conditions, and in extreme cases, nervous system impairment. Furthermore, if your home or office is not properly aired out afterwards, the lingering fumes can continue to trigger health risks long after your carpets have been treated.

Unlike conventional carpet cleaning companies, We use only 100% green carpet cleaning treatments, which are both environmentally friendly and safe for everyone in your home or office including kids and household pets.