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Looking for steam clean carpet to remove dog urine in Parkton, NC ? Let our highly skilled Professionals help you get that dirt out.

Steam Clean Carpet to Remove Dog Urine in Parkton

It’s not always easy to remove pet urine from a carpet. Even when you think you have soaked all the urine up, urine odors from carpet still remains. Urine in carpeting is a severe problem that can sometimes require major restoration work, not just simple cleaning and treating.

We provided quality carpet steam cleaning services to {location} homes and businesses since 2002 and we’d love to add you to our list of happy customers. Our powerful carpet steam cleaning equipment that is strong enough to eliminate dog urine and stain that becomes embedded in carpets, yet gentle on your carpet fibers.

We’ll pre-treat spots or stains and even high traffic areas as pets frequently show wear and tear. We’ll use our powerful steam cleaning equipment to apply cleaning solution and quickly extract the solution and most of the hot water from all of your carpeted surfaces. We’ll leave your carpet fresh-smelling carpets without harsh scents or chemical residue left behind. What’s more, it will be dry and ready to handle foot traffic within a few hours.

You don’t have to live with the smell of dog urine, get rid of that dog pee on carpet today. Our professionally trained technicians will take care to inspect your home, identify any issues you may have and provide a free, no-obligation quote prior to beginning our service.